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FOB JR. was delivered from Aas Mek. in 2003.

The vessel has a removable and stabilized platform on main deck. This roll, pitch and heave stabilized platform remains motionless regardless of the vessels movements. During loading/unloading, the platform will prevent shock tensions to the turbines winch.

Drilling operation from the platform through the vessels moon pool, is not affected by the vessels movements while the vessel uses its dynamic positioning (DP) system.

FOB JRs DP system uses main propellers, side thrusters, rudders and signals from Fugro.

Length incl. ramp 18,00 m
Breath incl. fenders 10,72 m
Depth to main deck 5,20 m
Ballast draught 3,20 m
Unlimited trade
Cabins for 8 persons
Speed, about 7 knots
Built, Aas Mek. 2003
Cargo deck, about 170 m²
Cargo capacity, about 125 tons
Crane capacity, about 184 ton m
Bunkers capacity, about 144 m3


Onboard Phone: +45 51409679


Nygårdsgaten 114

5008 Bergen, Norway

Phone: +47 5521 5000

Phone: +47 5512 1010

Email: fredrik@odfjellwind.com